Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rose Ariadne

Rose Ariadne

Rose Ariadne is a witch. That perhaps is of no major importance to you. But, she is a witch who is willing and able to take you by the hand and teach you the theory and practise of Witchcraft. And if you want to learn Witchcraft, then you need to check Rose Ariadne out.

Rose Ariadne is also able to teach as well. Not every expert who knows her subject thoroughly can actually teach it. Have you had that experience? Most people certainly have from their schooldays. A certain teacher you know, looking back, knew his or her subject but couldn’t teach it. You needn't worry about this from Rose Ariadne.

Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft For Love, Money And Protection!

Teaching is an art that only some people, including Rose Ariadne have. It can be taught to most people but a few people are naturals and seem to know exactly how to impart their knowledge - I don’t know which category she falls, but it doesn’t matter. Be thankful for the fact that Rose Ariadne can and does teach the craft.

Rose Ariadne was taught witchcraft by her grandmother and her grandmother left Rose her coveted Book of Shadows, which is chock full of secret magick techniques. In fact, when Rose started to read it for the first time, she realized that it was a true magick treasure. It included information Rose already knew and lots more. Information from the ancients, some of it on loose parchment that was in danger of disintegrating. And a lot of this information was in languages and runes that Rose Ariadne didn't know or understand.

However, Rose Araidne is not one to let something like this to deter her. It did take a long time, years in fact, but she eventually translated it all into English. Can you imagine the determination required to do something like this? Learning various languages and runes in order to successfully make sense of various documents was an enormous task. The research and knowledge Rose
acquired in order to do this would definitely have improved her abilities dramatically.

Now her story moves on to when Rose Ariadne 'accidentally' met Ash. Ash was literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown at this time. His life was falling apart. He had lost one person he loved deeply, his girlfriend had broken off their relationship and he had lost his job. While he was in work he hadn't saved much so now was on the verge of losing his apartment. All in all he was a broken man. They met in a grocery store of all places and outside he broke down and told Rose Ariadne all about his troubles.

Rose Ariadne had never heard such a sad story before in all her life and was decided there and then to help Ash. And he needed help desperately. He didn't look good. He looked dirty and unhealthy and he hadn't shaved in, possibly, weeks. But it was the look of quiet desperation Rose Ariadne saw in his eyes that made her decide there and then to help him.

Initially Rose Ariadne showed him how to perform a ‘money attraction spell,’ in order to pay his rent for that month. That was critical and desperate and the spell worked perfectly. Ash received an unexpected check for the precise amount he required. Not only that, he had, later that very same day, a job offer that included a substantial increase in his salary. These were so effective in convincing Ash that he enthusiastically accepted more help from Rose. Rose Ariadne helped him willingly by suggesting more spells for him to try.

So the next spell Rose Ariadne taught Ash was a unique love attraction spell. By now, of course, Ash was enthusiastic and learned and performed the spell as soon as he could. But it didn't work. Ash started to think his recent good luck was just coincidence until Rose checked out exactly what he did and was still doing. It turned out that Ash was making a basic beginner's mistake, which Rose Ariadne corrected.

The next time Ash met Rose Ariadne he was able to tell her he had met 'the one.' He described it as 'uncontrollable 'magnetic' attraction and it was the same for her as well. This relationship quickly became the most intense and passionate love he had ever experienced. That was all four years ago and Ash and his partner are more deeply in love than ever, all thanks to Rose Ariadne.

Now, thanks to Rose Ariadne, Ash lives in his own home with his wife, the one true love of his life, and he is making more money than he ever dreamed possible. He attributes all this to Rose and her help and blesses the day when he met her by happy accident. Rose Ariadne also blesses the day but she doesn't think their meeting was an accident.

Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft For Love, Money And Protection!

You see, Rose Ariadne herself would agree that sometimes simply helping others will cause a 'rebound' effect. In other words you will get back what you put in, or sometimes far more than you put in. This is a cosmic law Rose lives by and it certainly came true here because Ash Rowan is something of an expert when it comes to computers and the web. As a thank you to her and all her help he offered to help Rose with the online activities she was struggling with. And, when you come down to it, Rose Ariadne was struggling with just about everything to do with computers and the web.

Ash offered his services free and Rose Ariadne accepted with gratitude. It had taken her a long time to come to the decision to offer her wisdom and knowledge over the net. In the end, Rose Ariadne realized she simply would not let all the wisdom and information her grandmother had accumulated over a lifetime simply disappear, never to return. So she started to study how to get this information out to as many people as possible. She teaches one to one but that's simply not enough. Rose Ariadne worked out that the most efficient way to reach as many people as possible was through the web, and that's where Ash came in.

Now Rose Ariadne has teamed up with Ash Rowan in order to offer Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft to all who are interested and feel a connection with this lore. This information is 'out there' now just waiting for you and others to check it out. So if you are interested in learning more about Rose Ariadne and how she can help you learn witchcraft for yourself, then click on this Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft link.